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my roots

"ahh, salaam and good evening, worthy friends."

My name is Yasmin. I'm a half-English, half-Singaporean Australian. I am currently based in the city of Brisbane, Queensland. 

I am a passionate human who is interested in the many facets and reincarnations of music, art, and creativity. 

I am a noise-maker - most of my work is focused around how sound design and soundtrack can be used to support meaningful storytelling in a range of different mediums such as games and film. I am drawn to epic storytelling and my main goal is to one day be part of a large-scale production that is focused on sharing an awesome story.

I have a musician’s background - with several years of playing in orchestras, quartets, concert & stage bands in my back pocket, these genres of music continue to influence every part of my professional practise, from composition inspiration, to workflow strategies, and attitudes throughout the production process.

This is where I display my work. Such things may present themselves as songs, games, or videos. 

Welcome to my space. Enjoy your time.

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